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8. Storytelling on a TEDx stage

Humans crave stories. As writers we know the power of a good story to draw our readers in. In this episode of Cracking Copy, Ella Hoyos talks to copywriter Charlotte Davies about a story born from her own life experience and what motivated her to tell it.

This episode is for you if you really want to know what it’s like to share your story on stage at TEDx.

Charlotte never imagined herself at TEDx, but when a friend suggested the idea and she met the conference organiser a short time later, it stirred an idea that compelled her to act.

Charlotte shares her insights on public speaking, performance, and copywriting. She talks about her journey with cancer and what it taught her about resilience when life gets tough.

She discusses the importance of only sharing what you're comfortable with, and of rehearsal and planning when delivering a talk or presentation. Charlotte also talks about the feedback she's received since her TEDx talk, and how doing the talk has helped her as a copywriter. Finally, she offers advice to others who might be thinking about doing a TEDx talk or other public speaking engagement.

In her TEDx talk, Charlotte discusses her journey and what it taught her about resilience. She says that during the difficult times, it's important to think about what you can do differently the next time. She also says that sharing your story can be cathartic and help you close a chapter of your life that has been quite traumatic.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Davies is a copywriter, messaging strategist and TEDx speaker.

She spent 8 years working in PR, across industries including music and food. 

In 2014 she took time out for treatment when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  The treatment was successful and she has been in remission since August 2014.
When she was ready to return to work, she got qualified to teach English and has worked in Italy, Spain and through the pandemic taught English online to children and teenagers.

Charlotte also worked as the Events and Development Manager at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, where she was responsible for fundraising and promoting the theatre to a corporate audience. 

Charlotte started her copywriting business in May 2021.  Since then she has been working with SMEs to create compelling copy that attracts their ideal clients and helping business owners and fellow copywriters to develop their authority and lead generation skills. 

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FRI, OCTOBER 21, 2022


24 MIN 58 SEC