THU, MAY 19, 2022 • S1 E1 • 31 MIN 33 SEC

Ep.1 Warming Up With Word Games

This episode is for you if you sometimes struggle to find focus before sitting down to write. In this show we explore some fun ways that we can set ourselves up for success and get into a writing frame of mind, before we sit down to tackle the big projects of the day. Word games can be brilliant for getting in the writing zone but are also useful for improving your vocabulary and spelling. * Which games are best for a quick warm up and getting in the zone? * Which games are best for improving your vocabulary and spelling? Not just for passing the time or general hilarity, word games can really help focus the mind and educate your brain to help you become a more focused and skilled writer. Resources The word games we discuss this week and where you can find them! Wordle - (free) Waffle - (free) Scrabble - App Store - Scrabble Go (free) Boggle - find at all good stores! (Hasbro) - Boogle and Travel Boggle (rrp £10.99) Crosswords - most newspapers and online (£ free to various) Poetry for Neanderthals (by Exploding Kittens) - (rrp £19.99) Contact us Please do drop us a note. Let us know what you think or what topics you would like us to cover. Twitter @cracking_copy Email: ➡️ Share this podcast with someone who’ll find it useful You can also find us at: Instagram: Ella Hoyos - @flurrymarketing Minnie McBride - @sosocial_minnie LinkedIn: Ella Hoyos - Minnie McBride - Ella Hoyos and Minnie McBride are co-hosts of this new podcast. We are professional copywriters and marketers. We deep dive into a different aspect of copywriting in each ‘snack-sized’ episode and hope, along the way, to help you become better writers for your business.



Cracking Copy


THU, MAY 19, 2022


31 MIN 33 SEC