WED, NOVEMBER 2, 2022 • S1 E10 • 27 MIN 16 SEC

Writing for the Digital Age

Writing for the digital age - what has changed?

Today’s episode is for you if you are bamboozled by the tens of thousands of messages presented to you on a daily basis. Are you at a loss for how you can cut through the noise to get your products and business to stand out?

Today we look at how the way we write and communicate has changed in the last 30-40+ years to ensure that we can get our own vital messages across.

We look at some of the copywriting greats from the last 60 years. Why were they successful? We look at what we have learnt from these people and discuss how differently we create and construct our copy to communicate effectively in the 2020s.

We also have a host of tips for you to take on board right now to hone your digital writing skills. Tune in and find out…


David Ogilvy’s famous 1960s Rolls Royce Ad

Martin Conroy’s famous Wall Street Journal direct-sales letter 1975-2003 - the ‘most successful sales letter ever written’

Gary Halbert - The Boron Letters

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27 MIN 16 SEC