THU, NOVEMBER 17, 2022 • S1 E11 • 24 MIN 46 SEC

Grow and sell through Summits

Grow & sell through Summits

This episode is for you if you want to speak in Summits and sell more of your services online.

Ella Hoyos speaks with sales coach and business champion, Kathy Walterhouse, founder of the Professional Rule Breaker and the Entrepreneurs Success Summit.

Kathy has a great outlook and she loves to help entrepreneurs break the rules, find their authentic voice and jumpstart sales.

We discuss how you can supercharge your sales process. Listen to how Kathy made the switch from ‘scared selling’ to ‘noble selling’, why it works and what that looks like in practice.

She shares her wisdom on providing value, building relationships and the emotional triggers that motivate people to take action and buy.

You’ll hear all about the benefits of speaking and attending summits and conferences. Find out what makes them such a powerful way to help copywriters and business owners to get promoted, reach new audiences, and build authority in a way that will help you to grow and scale your business. Ella recounts her own experience when the tech falters and Kathy talks about how to handle mishaps in live situations.

Kathy talks about how you can create ‘omnipresence’ with your content on social media without feeling burned out. She shares a great tip, “the rule of one” to streamline your marketing efforts and help achieve more success in your business.

You’ll also discover what Kathy looks for when selecting guests and speakers for her Summits.

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About Kathy Walterhouse

Kathy Walterhouse has been named Top 20 Business Coach to look out for in Disrupter

Magazine. She is an ex- corporate sales expert having sold close to a billion dollars. After being

asked numerous times how she did it Kathy realized there was a real need to help entrepreneurs find success in their marketing and sales. She has her own methodology of success. One of her pillars of success is being authentic and having the philosophy of drawing outside the lines, not following what is expected essence being a rule breaker.

Kathy has become a success leading small businesses to crush their sales numbers using her S-A-L-E-S Method.

In a short time, she reached clients on an international level. In an effort to scale and help

more entrepreneurs she has developed a mastermind group training to increase access to

her knowledge and accelerate success of her clients. Kathy's goal is to have her customers

stand out of the crowded marketplace. She has always had the motto of “Be authentic. Be a rule

breaker. Be the solution to your customer and don't stop until you make a difference. Success

will follow.

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THU, NOVEMBER 17, 2022


24 MIN 46 SEC