MON, APRIL 17, 2023 • S1 E18 • 26 MIN 30 SEC

How to Write a Brilliant Bio

Today we are talking about social media bios.
What do we mean by a bio? (*note: bio is short for biography)

Well, we’re talking about the personal information that you see on your social media profiles. You know, that tiny amount of space at the top with a ridiculously low character count where you have to grab attention, get across your value proposition, what you want the reader to do and be so magnetically brilliant that they will do whatever you have asked.

No mean feat! So we are going to be discussing what you can do to achieve bio nirvana.

Because when was the last time your bios had a spring clean?

We have gone all generous and created a FREE Brilliant Bio Checklist with all the actionable tips from today’s podcast. The link is in the resources below.

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Link apps include: Linktree, AllMyLinks, Card, Link Hubb, Linkkie and Taplink amongst others

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MON, APRIL 17, 2023


26 MIN 30 SEC