MON, FEBRUARY 6, 2023 • S1 E15 • 30 MIN 11 SEC

Writing for LinkedIn

We do not profess to be LinkedIn ninjas but this deep dive episode is a must-listen for any individual or business owner looking to leverage the power of LinkedIn.

In this LinkedIn podcast special, Ella & Minnie discuss why you might bother leveraging LinkedIn

  1. Is your audience hanging out there?
  2. Are you looking for new work? It’s the best place to be for new jobs and new leads. Recruiters search on the platform and many companies advertise jobs there too. So even if you use it as a shop window to showcase what you have done/can do then it is important to be there.
  3. Also, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to showcase your ideas - you can include articles that your audience will find useful, and it builds trust and credibility.

We discuss the many places on LinkedIn to sell yourself and raise your profile. Our own research into the platform has led us to the realisation that we personally aren’t giving LinkedIn the attention it deserves. It is an excellent platform to build your professional network and generate business leads. We reveal how you can, with us, maximise the opportunities available. If you aren’t on LinkedIn you probably should be and we’ll tell you why.

Cracking Copy hosts Minnie McBride and Ella Hoyos give you our top tips for writing on the platform, how to grow your following and unlock the potential of LinkedIn for you and your business.

Tune in and let us know your thoughts - our contact details are below…

Interesting LinkedIn stats:

  1. As of April 2022, 59 million companies have a LinkedIn Page.2.7 million of these Pages post at least weekly.
  2. LinkedIn members are viewing 22% more Feed Updates in 2022 YoY. (LinkedIn internal data)
  3. LinkedIn members are having 25% more public conversations on LinkedIn YoY. (LinkedIn internal data)
  4. Between June 2020 and June 2022, LinkedIn members shared 25% more public content YoY. (LinkedIn internal data)
  5. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions surpassed $5 billion in revenue for the first time in July of 2022
  6. eMarketer projects that by 2024, LinkedIn will capture nearly 50% of all display ad spending and 25% of all digital ad spending.

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