THU, APRIL 27, 2023 • S1 E19 • 30 MIN 46 SEC

Skyrocket Your Launch Copy

In this episode, host Ella Hoyos talks to Nikki Trailor, a seasoned launch copywriter, to uncover the 3 key things you need for a successful live launch.

Tune in if you’re a copywriter, course creator or online business owner who wants to optimise your copy and launch strategy for more sales success in 2023.

Nikki shares her journey to becoming a specialist launch copywriter, following a pre-pandemic career in travel and tourism.

You’ll hear about her work on a recent six-figure launch success for a productivity coaching couple. She reveals how she helped her client, the Lifehack Method, get great results after raising the ticket price of their programme by $2,500.

And you’ll also get 3 tasty takeaways for your next launch.

So take a break and listen as we talk about launches, the importance of offers, nurturing your audience and writing stellar sales pages.

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About Our Guest:

Nikki is a copywriter + brand voice strategist who works with unapologetic business owners who are ready to unleash their true personality to make more sales. She creates powerful brand voice guides and sales copy that shows off her clients' unique personality, commands the attention of their ideal customers, and converts them into paying ones. All with a fast turnaround.

She's trained in conversion copywriting with some of the best copywriters in the biz, learning how to deliver impact for her clients with her signature cocktail of personality-driven copy and ethical persuasion principles.

When she's not busy writing or whipping up brand voice guides, you'll find her out exploring the world (probably Mexico) or dancing Cuban-style on a stage somewhere in London.

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THU, APRIL 27, 2023


30 MIN 46 SEC