THU, DECEMBER 1, 2022 • S1 E12 • 21 MIN 21 SEC

Social Media Content Planning with Sarah Richards

Are you often overwhelmed by the need to come up with constant ideas for your online content from social media to blogs, product or service launches and articles etc?

 Is advance planning something that you never quite have time for?

If you could benefit from some guidance on planning your content, ditching the overwhelm and actually start enjoying the process then today’s episode of Cracking Copy is for you.

In this episode, Minnie talks to Sarah Richards, Content Coach and Instagram expert about how to effectively create and plan your content. Learn how to cultivate a content mindset. get the results you want and never run out of ideas!

This could be one of the best spent 20 minutes of your life, listening to Sarah’s top tips for defining your content pillars, effective content planning and productivity hacks. Before you even start thinking about when and how to craft your messages to engage with your ideal customer, you need a plan.

Sarah also runs an online course, The Content Reboot, a three-week course which starts again in January 2023. Its aim is to build joy in your content and establish a strategic process that works for you. The course covers content foundations, creation of content systems, gathering inspiration and auditing your content so you are calm, organised and set up for success. Click here for more details.


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