WED, MARCH 8, 2023 • S1 E17 • 24 MIN 35 SEC

Chat GPT and the Writing Revolution

With all the buzz about ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence, we think we would be mad not to cover it!

We have been wondering, and perhaps you have too:

In today’s episode, we seek to answer these questions and more. Over the past few months, we have absorbed as much info as possible about the newest AI offerings, had a play with them and believe that this is a revolution that cannot be ignored. We also dive into some best practices for leveraging these tools to make us better, more efficient writers.

This is obviously only just the beginning. This is a topic that we will be returning to again and again we are sure.

So tune in, sit back and listen and let us know what you think of this episode and our take. Do continue the conversation by leaving us a message and getting in touch. Contact deets below.


ChatGPT can be found at Chat OpenAI

The app Ella has been using is an AI writing tool called Nichesss and the SEO app is WriterZen.

Also check out:

Bard,, Writesonic, Copysmith, Rytr, AI Writer, CopyAI, Closerscopy, Writecream

The video tool Minnie mentions at the end is RunWayML

If you use any other good ones, please do let us know!

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WED, MARCH 8, 2023


24 MIN 35 SEC