WED, JULY 13, 2022 • S1 E2 • 16 MIN 25 SEC

The Importance of Cracking Copy

This episode is for you if you want to know how stellar copy can seriously up-level your business. In this episode we cover: The difference between copy and content and why it matters The one true measure that tells you if your content is hitting the spot How to lead the the customer journey The surprising skill you never knew you needed to become a great copywriter The simple reverse psychology question that will reveal the best insights from your customers Listen up as we discuss commercial writing and how you can use this method to persuade customers to make buying decisions. You’ll learn about the importance of customer research and how it can help businesses connect with their target audience. This short episode has plenty of actionable tips on how you can level up your own writing and optimise your copy for best results. Contact us Please drop us a voice note at and let us know what you think or what topics you would like us to cover. Twitter @cracking_copy Facebook @crackingcopy ➡️ Share this podcast with someone who’ll find it useful You can also find us at: Instagram: Ella Hoyos - @flurrymarketing Minnie McBride - @sosocial_minnie LinkedIn: Ella Hoyos - Minnie McBride - Ella Hoyos and Minnie McBride are co-hosts of this new podcast. We are professional copywriters and marketers. We deep dive into a different aspect of copywriting in each ‘snack-sized’ episode so that we can help you become better writers for your business. Support this podcast! If you found this episode helpful you can show your appreciation by making a donation! This helps offset the costs of producing the show and we’ll love you for it :)



Cracking Copy


WED, JULY 13, 2022


16 MIN 25 SEC