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6. Writing for laughs

Are you an aspiring copywriter? Are you looking to find your authentic brand voice? (The personality packed one that makes people smile 😄). A great place to start is by cultivating your sense of comedic timing. We joke not! In this episode, Sami Miles shares her wisdom on how to inject more humour into your copywriting.

This show is for you if you want to write laugh-out-loud words that light up your readers and bring joy to their day.

Copywriting can be a serious business and it can be tough to strike a balance with humour and messaging. But our guest Sami Miles has done just that. She's a former stand up comedian who has turned copywriter. Sami used the skills she learned on the comedy circuit to write high impact, humour-filled email newsletters that crack up her subscribers. Now, she's here to share her wisdom and to teach us how we can inject a little bit more humour into what we write. Listen in as Ella and Sami explore the parallels between humour and copywriting. This 20 minute show will help you to find the sweet spot between getting your message across and making it memorable with a touch of wit.

Sami Miles

Former stand-up comic and conversion copywriter Samantha Miles brings out the funniest and most commanding version of biz owners to play, connect, and get results with their audience.

She believes that humor is a powerful way to process and heal from the harsh reality of human suffering. Sami recently lived a double-life, working a corporate job in a highly-regulated industry by day and doing comedy shows in Hollywood by night, alongside big names like Jimmy Carr, Margaret Cho & Kirk Fox. Since quitting her 6-figure corporate career while pregnant with her second daughter, she’s helped dozens of business owners convert leads into raving fans that continue to buy from them.

You can find Sami with a baby strapped to her chest, watching her toddler chase a chicken on the trampoline at the family compound she shares with her parents.

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