THU, MAY 11, 2023 • S1 E20 • 1 HR 5 MIN 18 SEC

Pricing Your Work for a Premium Client Experience

It's an extra juicy show as Ella Hoyos talks to Brittany McBean about pricing for copywriters. We dig into what makes a premium client experience that commands high prices and delivers top kudos, in this hour-long episode.

Tune in if you’re a freelance copywriter looking to break out of feast and famine mode, and ready to scale up your business profitability.


We start with the spark that kicked things off Brittany & Ella in their copywriting careers.

Brittany lays bare the struggle of the early years and the "obnoxious" story of how her business grew from generating $11k to $186 in a single year. You’ll hear how she’s been riding the wave ever since.

We talk about the perspective shift needed for copywriters who unwittingly limit their earning potential.

What have cars got to do with copywriting? You’ll discover the ‘Buying a Car vs Mechanic mindset’, that is likely keeping you stuck.

And you’ll get more than a sneak peak inside Brittany’s course, The Five Figure Leap. This is a programme designed to help freelance businesses and micro agencies provide a super smooth client experience, and develop lead-generation strategies to seek and attract top tier clients.

BONUS OFFER: For May 2023 only, Brittany is throwing her doors open wide to welcome people inside her programme - The Five Figure Leap . This is a great opportunity not to be missed!


Your FREE pass to The Five Figure Leap Open House, valid throughout May 2023

Find out more about The Five Figure Leap here.

About Our Guest:

Brittany McBean is a launch strategist & conversion copywriter who specializes in anti-sleazy, audience-focused, high-converting copy for online entrepreneurs & educators.

She believes that Black lives matter now and always, marketing needs to help, not harm, and that it's our responsibility to use our voice to build up, magnify, and support historically & systemically marginalized people.

Through her research-based strategy and copy, she helps industry leaders like Rick Mulready, Brandi Mowles, and Lattice Hudson run multi 6 & 7-figure launches & funnels through clear messaging and anti-manipulative marketing practices.

She'll talk just to hear herself talk, but you'll get the least nonsense out of her when talking about what's-working-now marketing & launch strategies, copywriting & messaging, and her journey with infertility & mental health.

She believes in the Oxford comma and will fight you on it.

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THU, MAY 11, 2023


1 HR 5 MIN 18 SEC